Jasmine Neupane

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Systems Technology

Dr. Jasmine Neupane is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Systems Technology in the Division of Plant Science and Technology at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She holds a doctoral degree in plant and soil sciences, earned from Texas Tech University, with a research focus on on-farm precision irrigation management. Before joining MU, Dr. Neupane served on the faculty of precision agriculture at Montana State University. Her research focuses on the integration of cutting-edge agricultural technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and both remote and proximal sensing to construct innovative decision support systems. The overarching goal of her program is to develop cropping systems management strategies that promote sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. Beyond her academic and research pursuits, Dr. Neupane is interested in forging connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds, relishing the opportunity to share experiences and foster meaningful relationships.