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Digital Agriculture Research and Extension Center

Smart Farms, Smart Agriculture: The Digital Age of Farming

At the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (CAFNR), we’re committed to excellence in research, extension, and teaching, achieved through collaboration, innovation, and practical demonstration. Our dedicated Agricultural Research, Extension, and Education Center (DAREC) proactively addresses the pressing challenges in agriculture. We focus on adapting to the rapidly evolving climate, economic landscape, and social dynamics, leveraging the latest in digital technology to lead in sustainable agricultural practices.


Sustainable Agriculture

DAREC aims to be at the forefront of advancing digital agriculture alongside CAFNR, MU, USDA-ARS, and our collaborators. We are dedicated to revolutionizing agricultural practices with cutting-edge digital technologies and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to transform traditional agriculture into an efficient, sustainable, and globally competitive system. We strive to set new standards in agricultural innovation, productivity, and environmental stewardship.

Agriculture drone scanning area to sprayed fertilizer on green tea fields, Technology smart farm 4.0 concept

DAREC Approach

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Interdisciplinary projects:

  • Crop production and management
  • Crop breeding and phenomics
  • Soil health and climate-smart farming practices
  • Precision livestock farming
  • Engineering and technology innovations
  • Social and economic implications
  • Extension and outreach programs
DAREC Organogram showing interdisciplinary fields

DAREC Mission

DAREC’s mission includes pioneering research in digital agriculture using technologies like AI and IoT, providing advanced educational programs for students and professionals, and serving as a knowledge hub through outreach and extension services. This approach aims to enhance agricultural productivity, foster a skilled workforce, and extend the benefits of digital agriculture globally.