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Welcome to the MU Extension Digital Agriculture Hub

Explore the cutting-edge world of digital agriculture with the University of Missouri Extension. Our comprehensive digital platform offers an array of resources, news, and insights into the latest advancements in agricultural technology. Browse through our meticulously curated topics to discover how digital innovations are transforming the agricultural landscape.

Precision Agriculture: Harnessing Technology for Farming Efficiency

Delve into the realm of precision agriculture, where technology meets farming to enhance productivity and sustainability. Our resources cover the latest trends, tools, and techniques in precision agriculture, offering valuable insights for farmers and agricultural professionals.

Agriculture and Livestock Apps: Revolutionizing Farm Management

In an era where smartphones and tablets are as common in the field as they are in the office, learn about the array of agriculture-specific apps that are redefining farm management. From crop monitoring to livestock management, these apps are not just about convenience; they’re about harnessing the power of technology to make informed, timely decisions. Explore our lists of apps, complete with descriptions and device compatibility.

Drone Technology: Taking Farming to New Heights

Discover how drones are not just flying gadgets but crucial tools in modern agriculture. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offer unparalleled advantages in crop scouting, irrigation planning, herd monitoring, and more. View our presentations and documents on drone technology to learn how these devices are becoming indispensable in the agricultural sector.

Join us in exploring these dynamic topics and more as we navigate the exciting intersection of technology and agriculture. Stay informed, stay connected, and harness the power of digital advancements to propel your farming practices into the future.

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Empowering Agriculture with Digital Innovation