Morgan Davis

Dr. Morgan Davis

Morgan Davis is an assistant professor of soil and environmental science in the School of Natural Resources. He received his BS and MS degrees from the University of Illinois in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and his PhD from Iowa State University in Environmental Science. His research is centered around soil biogeochemistry in the context of ecological sustainability. The objective of his research is to investigate nutrient and energy cycles in both managed and natural ecosystems. This work provides insights for improving sustainability and contributes to foundational biogeochemistry knowledge. He is particularly interested in nitrogen and carbon transformations in forested and agronomic ecosystems. Specific research interests include the following: soil greenhouse gas emissions, soil health, soil organic matter, cover crops, tillage management, nitrate leaching, microbial communities, denitrification, indirect nitrous oxide emissions, riparian buffers, drainage water recycling, and woodchip bioreactors. Morgan currently mentors graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in environmental science