Innovative Soil Analysis and Smart Farming Solutions

Advanced Sensor Fusion for Precision Agriculture

Harnessing the power of sensor fusion, we track spatial soil water dynamics with precision, merging mobile soil electrical conductivity (EC) data with point soil water sensor data. This innovative approach offers a comprehensive understanding of soil moisture levels across vast agricultural landscapes.

Next-Generation Autonomous Farm Equipment

  • All-Electric Autonomous Tractor: Revolutionizing traditional farming with our all-electric, autonomous tractor designed for modern agriculture.
  • Drone Platforms: Elevating crop management with advanced drone technology for precise, aerial soil and crop monitoring.

3D Soil Property Modeling

Utilizing dense data from mobile sensors and penetrating sensors, we create detailed 3D models of soil properties, providing valuable insights for:

  • Soil Clay Content: Mobile and point soil EC data calibrated to clay at sensing points enhances the accuracy of crop growth models.
  • Soil Carbon Analysis: Early-stage data collection and analysis to understand and manage soil carbon levels effectively.

Predictive Soil Health Monitoring

Our Smart Firmer technology goes beyond traditional metrics to predict soil organic matter and assess key factors for plant growth, including:

  • Furrow Moisture and Temperature: Vital parameters for ensuring optimal seedbed conditions.
  • Organic Matter and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC): Essential soil characteristics that influence fertility and crop yield.
  • Furrow Cleanliness and Uniformity: Indicators of ideal planting conditions for uniform crop emergence.

Comparative Data Accuracy

  • SmartFirmer OM: Achieving a 2.5% organic matter measurement accuracy.
  • Grid Sample OM: Contrastingly, standard grid sampling methods show 1.5% organic matter accuracy, highlighting our technology’s precision.

Experience the Difference in Soil Management

Discover our suite of advanced soil analysis tools and smart farming equipment, tailored to enhance farm productivity and environmental sustainability.